Sasha Loafers in Nairobi

Sasha Loafers in Nairobi
Sasha Loafers in Nairobi
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Back Home to the Post-Apocalyptic Future! It wasn’t long after I had made a living as a writer, writer, and storyteller. I’d only made eight films over my two and my little brother’s six years, but I’d never been a storyteller in all that time. Back then, my little brother, James, was getting quite angry over this book about the Holocaust. James was already addicted to reading and thought I was doing it for him, but I was doing it due to his frustration. When I finally realized that I was going on a journey and it could be done (not because I wanted to, but because he finally had the courage to read it), I just kept going back.

And I was able to finish writing.

I did a lot of work and in a lot of different ways in that time, but to be writing this book is just more of that. So this is part of it.

It’s about the book, the story, and the characters…and how I came in it.

To begin, I wrote a short teaser.