Property in Uganda

Property in Uganda
Property in Uganda

FacedWith all this information, Uganda has already been able to identify more than 60,000 victims. The government is currently working to get enough funding to fund the search and recovery of all the victims.

The ministry hopes to receive additional funding by the end of the month, after initial efforts have been exhausted.
It’s already known that the victims’ relatives have moved to neighbouring South Sudan, since the last major incident in October.

“They cannot understand the violence. It is not about money, because they have nothing to give and cannot pay taxes. They are poor, too, where no children can go,” said an eyewitness to this latest episode.

The situation in the country is deteriorating. Last month, more than 120 people left their homes in the capital Kampala.

On Wednesday, it emerged that Ugandan authorities were close to identifying other foreigners who fled Uganda during the past year.

“We have had reports that officials in Kigali have visited the country, but we really know little about these people,” said one person who went to Uganda after his family moved to Johannesburg last year in protest against the death penalty in South Africa.

“We have not been able to contact anyone, even from other countries, because we don’t get information on these people,” said the person.