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Budgets for the year 2013 are due to roll out this week so pay close attention – the budget is expected to rise by an estimated 8.5% by the end of September from the current estimate of $24.6 billion.

The B.C. NDP hopes to have its budget for 2012 released by the end of October. If it beats that target — which is expected to be a record for that year — it hopes to raise $34 billion over the next two years, or more than the same amount as the Conservatives did while the NDP was in power.

The NDP, the only political party in British Columbia that had been on the Budget Bill has said it is interested in a new budget, saying its support should not be questioned.

While the House and the Senate are in closed session, the B.C. NDP wants to review the plan that was approved last week by the legislative body’s governing committee.
With the $18.7 billion deficit remaining, the B.C. NDP’s plan won’t be up for public debate until late October, when a $6.5-billion election will take place. The Liberal government is looking for a major deficit by mid-October.

The NDP said in a news release it is working with the House of Commons to examine its proposal and is open to a second vote on the B.C. Budget by early 2014.