iPhone 8 Plus: review, photos, specifications.

iPhone 8 Plus: review, photos, specifications.

A new smartphone from Apple, which stands out among others with support for Qi wireless charging and a 5.5-inch display. This copy has been on sale since September 22, 2017.


Apple has moved away from its standard designation of smartphone models and now, the next device after the iPhone 7 Plus is not called the iPhone 7s Plus, but the iPhone 8 Plus. One way or another, it looks more logical and sounds nicer.

Contents of delivery.

The device is delivered in a standard box, everything is traditionally stable here. The same rectangular cardboard box with the image of a smartphone on it. The product description and iPhone labels are in their rightful places.

In the box, you will not find anything new for yourself, there is a 5 W charger, a cable with a transition from USB to Lightning, EarPods with a Lightning connector and documentation with a paper clip.

According to the expectations of many experts, Apple had to offer its users not only support for wireless charging on a smartphone, https://jiji-ethiopia.com/arada/art-collectibles/graphic-design-photoshop-fMB2tRNkhKAolm59BV4TcL1G.html which nevertheless appeared, but also a docking station in the kit. But this did not happen and you need to purchase this device separately.

The plus in getting support for wireless charging is that the manufacturing technology is widespread Qi, and not any new proprietary standard from Apple. This means that you can use absolutely any Qi compatible docking station.


At first glance, it seems that the design of the iPhone 8 Plus is no different from its predecessor, but this is just a first acquaintance. A careful study of the device reveals many innovations.

The smartphone received an almost one-piece glass body, except for the side edges. According to the manufacturer, the strength of the glass has been significantly increased, which also affected the thickness. True, it is difficult to judge the strength of glass, because if it falls, it will break in one way or another.

If you look at the drop tests of various bloggers, you can conclude that the strength of the rear window is much less than the front one and it breaks almost instantly.

Both the front and back surfaces are covered with a high-quality oleophobic coating, which significantly improves the appearance with constant use and removes all fingerprints.

The side panel is traditionally made of metal, namely aluminum. And according to the statements of Apple itself, such an alloy is used in aerospace technologies. Painting is carried out in the same color as the rest of the body and is carried out in six layers using special equipment.

This allows the correct shade and coverage to be achieved.

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