1-3 Month Female Mixed Breed Cat

1-3 Month Female Mixed Breed Cat
1-3 Month Female Mixed Breed Cat
“Males and females of representatives of felines experience difficult situations in different ways” – this is the opinion of scientists, having analyzed the behavior of animals in conditions of home keeping. Studies have shown that cats are more stable and less susceptible to stress. While cats are prone to pessimism and deeper feelings. We talk about biological differences dictated by gender, and how to choose a cat or a cat, taking into account the nature of the future owner and the conditions of detention.
If you start a cat as a pet (pet class), pay attention to the breed and behavior of the kitten with companions. It is impossible to guess future habits based on gender. And although according to statistics, cats are considered more affectionate, obedient and tied to the house, and cats are their complete opposite, in practice everything depends on the nature of the animal, its upbringing and the closeness of the relationship with the owner.
The difference between the sexes can be traced only during the period of sexual desire and quickly disappears if the animals are spayed or neutered.
Usually cats are spayed at 4-6 months (before the first estrus), and cats at the age of 1 year. Sometimes the operation is prescribed later. But allowing the cat to give birth to the first kittens, and the cat to participate in mating is fraught – sometimes “untied” animals retain their craving for sexual activity after the operation. For example, cats may continue to mark territory, and cats may make calls. If you want to spay your pet, consult your veterinarian. 1-3 Month Female Mixed Breed Cat
If you start a cat for breeding (breed class), consider the complexity of the content.
Breeding males require a separate, isolated room and are tough in temperament. In this case, the title must be confirmed all the time at exhibitions that require large expenses. And if the animal gets sick, some of the time will be wasted.
Females are cleaner and behave calmly between estrus. But for mating with the best titled sire you will have to pay a fee or give one or two kittens from the litter. At the same time, the responsibility for the birth of babies and the costs of maintaining a pregnant cat are not divided in half.
A vivid manifestation of breed qualities. If you choose an animal for the exterior, males will be more spectacular.
Uncomplicated castration / sterilization procedure. If the cat does not participate in breeding work, it is easier to take care of its sterility. A similar procedure is more expensive and risky for a cat.
Making a profit for participating in mating. If the cat participates in breeding work, the owner receives a cash fee or a kitten from the future litter. Moreover, all the costs of pregnancy and litter rearing are borne by the cat owners.
Strong hunting instinct. Cats perfectly catch mice and rats, are more mobile and can sit in ambush for a long time (exception: decorative breeds for home keeping).
Rare color. Due to the extra X chromosome in cats, females can have an unusual tortoiseshell color (the presence of a black and red gene at the same time). While for cats, he is considered an exception. According to the researchers, only 1 cat and 1000 are born as tortoiseshell.
Cleanliness. It’s easy to train your cat to use the litter box.
Stable psyche. Females tolerate stressful situations more easily (for example, the departure of the owner) and are more optimistic.

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